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Elwa specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of LED lighting systems and Instant Electric Hot Water Systems.

Our Product Range

Our products can be used in a wide range of applications

Energy savings education

Solutions for Educational Buildings

Elwa has developed the new range of Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters with built-in temperature limiters that are even more energy efficient than the existing range of Hotruns.

water and energy savings

Hair Salon Solutions

We make an instantaneous water heater named Hotrun. The Hotrun is the size of a shoebox. It’s easily installed under every basin. Because the heating element is close to the tap, you will have your required hot water within seconds. That results in hardly any water losses that occur with long pipe runs.


Food Industry Solutions

The food & beverage industry is a busy environment where quick and easy access to hot water is required, preferably with a minimum of energy and water waste. Elwa provides a simple and durable solution with a range of energy and water efficient water heaters that meet those requirements.


Mining and Transportable Accommodation

Transportable accommodation and facilities-units are usually designed to be constructed in advance and delivered to (remote) sites as a finished plug-and play product. Elwa offers a simple and durable designed solution with a range of water- and energy-efficient electric instantaneous water heaters to meet those requirements combined with ease of installation.


Health Solutions

Hygiene is one of the most important things in hospitals, health and care centres. Therefore hot water needs to be available in unlimited amounts at all times. The Elwa Hotrun water heaters provide continuous flow of hot water without the risk of Legionella building up inside the water heater. Elwa also manufactures hand wash basins, hands free accessible, at set temperatures to prevent scalding, energy efficient and using minimal amounts of water.


About ELWA


Elwa has a long tradition of providing energy and water efficient solutions for buildings and residential. We have been delivering high quality electrical appliances since 1905, since 1990 Elwa has been focusing on energy efficiency. We are passionate about delivering the right product to our customer and work with you in your decision making process.