Over the past three decades ELWA has supplied and installed major projects in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries where ELWA water heaters have been distributed by third parties.

Elwa specialise in the manufacture and installation of contemporary energy
efficient water heating and LED lighting systems.

Company founder Jan Antonides designed and produced our first instant electric hot water system in 1988 in Germany. Elwa have since expanded to maintain production facilities in Germany, Australia and China with central offices in Adelaide, Amsterdam and Guangzhou.

Elwa were an early adopter of LED technology and we have implemented hundreds of energy and cost saving LED upgrades for public, industrial, retail and residential sectors including schools, hotels, factories, high-rise apartments, car parks, public buildings and warehouses. Elwa remain at the
forefront of rapidly changing energy technologies through our continuing attendance at international industry trade fairs.

Elwa maintain a passion and commitment for designing and delivering energy and cost efficient solutions for our clients.


Jan Antonides Chief Executive Officer

Margot Sage Director

Paul Andrew Technical Manager

Julie Muenster Procurement & Logistics