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Elwa Energy Savers | Company History and Products

Let me give you a little bit of information about our background. I am an electrical engineer, my company Elwa manufactures a range of different hot water systems, and in 2006 I settled down in Adelaide and run our operations from here. We have been manufacturing quality hot water systems in Germany in a factory where water heaters have been manufactured since 1905.

In 2011 we launched a range of electronic controlled electric instantaneous water heaters developed with a Clean-Tech innovation Grant in South Australia with cutting edge energy saving technology.  We assemble most of these water heaters for the Australian, NZ, PNG and SE Asia market in Adelaide.  In our factory in Germany we also manufacture (OEM) electric boosters for the leading solar HWS and heat-pump manufacturers. Elwa water heaters have been sold in many countries around the world.

The traditional Elwa product range includes water heating, energy efficient LED tubes and light fittings, stainless steel storage heaters and sanitary ware, signage and other state of the art accessories

• Single/two-phase instantaneous water heaters (with the option of a built-in temperature limiter tamperproof set to 38, 43, 45 or 50°C)
• Three phase instantaneous water heaters with the option of a built-in temperature limiter programmable to any required limit and variable electronic temperature setting for the end user
• Hand wash solutions for education and medical facilities, public toilets, detention centres and hospitality
• High quality stainless steel storage heaters built-in with booster, creating increased capacity and minimizing the risk of Legionella bacteria for projects
• Elwa can provide a solution for almost any situation and application and we want to help you selecting the right Water Heater solution
• Elwa can also provide stainless steel accessories for fit-outs such as soap dispensers, paper towel holders, stainless steel mirrors etc.
• High quality LED tubes to replace traditional fluro tubes, and light fittings for these LED tubes
• Legionella prevention, auditing and periodical maintenance services

Call the Elwa office any time on 08 8377 6666 and find out more.

Jan Ernst Antonides, CEO