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Elwa Energy Savers | Company History and Products

At Elwa we have been manufacturing a wide range of quality hot water systems for several decades. The first copper coil electric instantaneous water heaters were produced in Germany in 1988. Over the years the company has expanded and nowadays Elwa HOTRUN water heaters are used all around the world. After migrating from The Netherlands in 2006, company founder and electrical engineer Jan Antonides established the Australian office in Adelaide and has since run the operations from South Australia.

In 2011 we rolled out our cutting-edge energy saving technology in a range of digitally controlled electric instantaneous water heaters developed with a South Australian Clean-Tech Innovation Grant. We assemble the majority of these water heaters in Adelaide and from here, distribute them to the Australian, New Zealand, Papua new Guinea  and South-East Asia markets.

In 2016 the manufacturing of our state of the art water heaters commenced at our Adelaide premises. This has created new jobs for South Australia and in the near future substantial growth is anticipated, both in manufacturing as well as for our local supply chain.

The traditional Elwa product range includes water heating and a comprehensive range of energy efficient LED tubes and light fittings, together offering a perfect solution to minimize any building’s energy consumption.

Water heaters

  • Single-/two- phase HOTRUN instantaneous water heaters with an optional built-in temperature limiter that can either be factory-set to any limit, e.g. 38, 43, 45 and 50°C or can go up to 60°C with flexible temperature settings
  • Three-phase HOTRUN instantaneous water heaters have the same options as mentioned above and are the more powerful solution to service multiple outlets simultaneously
  • The higher the model number, the higher the flow rate that can be used
  • All HOTRUN models measure inlet water temperature and flow rate, look at the required outlet temperature and then calculate how much power is required to heat up the water. With this digital control system energy is never wasted and it makes our HOTRUNS highly energy efficient
  • All HOTRUNS manufactured from January 2016 onwards include an optional Legionella Cleaning Cycle
  • High quality stainless steel storage heaters with a built-in booster, creating increased capacity and minimizing the risk of Legionella bacteria for projects
  • Hand wash solutions for education and medical facilities, public toilets, detention centers and hospitality

ELWA can provide a solution for almost any situation and application and we are happy to assist you with selecting the right water heater for your needs.

ELWA can also provide stainless steel accessories for fit-outs such as soap dispensers, paper towel holders, stainless steel mirrors etc.

ELWA is a leading provider of Legionella prevention, auditing and periodical maintenance services.

LED Lighting

Since 2009 many commercial and education buildings have seen improved energy efficiency by installing Elwa Energysavers LED lighting.

  • We have high quality LED tubes to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. These come in a range of wattages, various light output options and especially designed light fittings
  • State of the art, solidly built LED fittings for factories, shipyards and marine applications
  • LED fittings for retail outlets and office environments

Call the Elwa office any time on 08 8377 6666 to find out more.

Jan Ernst Antonides, CEO