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Where can I install an ELWA HOTRUN?

The water heater can be installed almost anywhere due to the compact size.  The water heater does not require ventilation, overpressure valves/relief drain or safe trays so it can be installed in a cupboard, in the roof space, above or under sink, inside or outside.

How far away can an ELWA HOTRUN be installed from taps or showers?

It is most economical to install an ELWA HOTRUN as close as possible to the point(s) of use.  Installing closer to the point of use saves water and energy by delivering hot water quickly to the outlet, and adds to your comfort as well. The ELWA HOTRUN single phase electric instantaneous water heaters can service multiple outlets but usually the flow rate allows to run one point simultaneously, check the selection chart of suitability of each model in our brochure or give us a call for advice.

Can I connect Elwa Water Heaters to a rain water tank?

If your property is on rain water, the water needs to be filtered before going through the water heater to avoid blockage of the inlet fitting flow control.

When connecting the Hotrun to a low pressure tank/rainwater system without pressure pump it is unlikely to operate, as the minimum pressure required is 100kPa. A larger pipe size on the cold water supply side might help in these circumstances, usually you need to install a pump.

Can I connect Elwa Water Heaters to a bore water supply?

If your property is on bore water, the water needs to be filtered before going through the water heater to avoid blockage of the inlet fitting flow control. The internal copper coil is no more affected by corrosion than any other copper pipe in your system, to date (since 1988) we have not seen any corrosion problems with Elwa Hotrun water heaters.

Can I replace my storage hot water system with an ELWA HOTRUN ?

By replacing an old storage heater with an ELWA HOTRUN instantaneous electric water heater you will save a lot of energy. According to E3 publications the standing losses (in new well insulated storage heaters) vary from 1.24 up to 3.41kWh/day. This can equate easily to $200/year energy savings. However, it is important to assess what the use is of the storage heater and what is the best model HOTRUN to replace it with. You send an email to [email protected],com.au or call us on 08 8353 4040 to advice you what the best model is for the situation on hand.

Does an ELWA HOTRUN need vented tapware?

No all ELWA HOTRUNS operate under normal mains pressure and don’t need a vented tap. The 3-phase models need a 500kPa pressure limiter in the cold water supply to the building or area where the HOTRUN will be installed.

How can I request a service technician to check my water heater?         

In most cases if there is a problem the cause of the problem is outside the water heater, things as a blocked aerator in the spout of a tap or dirt built up in the flow restrictor of a shower head or in the cold water inlet fittings. Download the HOTRUN 35-90 or 120-240 models service manual first before calling for a service technician. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, ask your electrician or plumber first to check if the supply side to the water heater is O.K. If all seems to be in working order, you can download a service request form. For warranty you need to send a copy of the invoice of the initial installation with the service request to [email protected] or fax to 08 8353 4042

Please contact us on 08 8353 4040 for any other questions and for the best installer close to you.

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HOTRUN 35-90 or HOTRUN 120-240 models service manual

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