ELWA Energysavers is your partner for the latest innovation in LED lighting, which can replace fluorescent tubes, halogen lights and light bulbs with LED lighting. You can think of LED tubes ranging from 7Watt to 22Watt in all lengths, colour temperatures and light intensities and more than 500 different quality LED luminaries.

By using LED lighting, your energy consumption for lighting can be reduced by at least 60%, and in retail stores and car parks by up to 80%.
All ELWA products have CE and/or SAA certification.  The comprehensive testing will guarantee our customers of long life span of all the products while maintaining maximum light output.

Our first company was founded in 1990 in The Netherlands and has had it’s head office in Adelaide, Australia since 2008.  ELWA has proven to be a reliable partner for new projects as well as energy saving upgrade projects in existing businesses and buildings. Our focus is on getting the best solution and fastest payback time for our clients.

We analyse all information about lighting in your business to help us find the best solution. ELWA Energysavers can often offer a budget proposal or detailed quote based on floor plans or design specifications of your project.

General Lighting Product Range

Contact us today for our latest Decorative Lighting Range Catalogue with over 300 pages of lighting options. Browse our range or design your own and we’ll supply it!

Please contact us on + 61 8 8377 6666 to discuss your requirements.