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ELWA   your partner for innovation in LED lighting!

ELWA Energysavers is your partner for the latest innovation in LED lighting, which can replace fluorescent tubes, halogen lights and light bulbs with LED lighting. You can think of LED tubes ranging from 7Watt to 22Watt in all lengths, colour temperatures and light intensities and more than 500 different quality LED luminaires. By using LED lighting, your energy consumption for lighting can be reduced by at least 60%, and in retail stores and car parks by up to 80%.

All Elwa products have CE and/or SAA marking for applications in Australia, New Zealand and Europe as well as a comprehensive pack of test reports that allow Elwa to guarantee a long life with maximum light output.


ELWA Energysavers has been founded in 1990 and has had a local presence in Adelaide, Adelaide since 2008. Substantial work amounts of Elwa Energysavers LED tubes and fittings have been installed over these years in for example schools, universities, factories and government buildings. Our company has proven to be a reliable partner for energy saving projects. Our focus is on getting the best solution and fastest payback time for our clients.

We go through all information about lighting in your business and with you we will look for the best solution. ELWA Energysavers can often offer a budget proposal or detailed quote based on floor plans or design specifications of your project.


Key Features of our LED Lighting:

– Modular high quality LED drivers

– All applicable approvals and many test reports regarding lifespan, light output, safety and interference with other electrical equipment such as computers, etc.

– Strong materials that are resistant to aging like polycarbonate and anodized aluminum, tubes have a long proven life span of 60,000 hours compared to 20,000 for standard fluorescent tubes and only 12,000 hours for T5 tubes.

– Energy-saving replacement for any situation, for example where fluorescent tubes are used, saves 50-65% on running costs.

There are about 500 LED product data sheets available that you can use to calculate the savings of Elwa products and the payback period.

Special Marine Elwa LED Corn lamps and fixtures are also applied to Australian Navy Ships since 2015



LED Tubes Datasheet.pdf

Elwa LED Flat-panel datasheet.pdf

Elwa Troffer LED Lightfittings Datasheet.pdf

T8 Induction TUBE-3

Please contact us on + 61 8 8353 4040 to discuss your options or complete the below contact form.

ELWA provides a wide range of electricity and water saving equipment. To help you improve your environmental footprint we offer offer lighting assessments for commercial buildings.
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