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Hand Wash Solutions

Elwa All-in-One Wash Basin

The All-in-One Washbasin is the best option available for hand washing.

tapThe Elwa All-in-One wash basin is a stand-alone unit that is hygienic, user friendly and vandal proof. Applications are countless, think of medical environments, transportable buildings, armed forces facilities, shop fit-outs, commercial kitchens, public/staff toilets you name it.

Made of Swedish high quality stainless steel, and smooth modern design, this All-in-One basin fits with ease in any environment you can think of. The basin is supplied with a slim sensor tap in the same brushed finish as the basins for user convenience, and an inspection hatch at the bottom for access after installation. There is an optional splash back that can be customised to any design required.

An electric instantaneous water heater named HOTRUN-T is built inside the basin. This water heater is specifically design for applications that require a set temperature. Upon demand the incoming cold water is immediately heated by elements. Power to the elements is provided as soon as water flows though the HOTRUN and stops as soon as the water tap is closed. Therefore energy is only consumed when water is flowing through the HOTRUN, saving energy and providing unlimited amounts of warm water.

ELWA handwash basin

ELWA handwash basin

The All-in-One hand wash basins can be ordered fully assembled with a HOTRUN 35-T38 or a Hotrun 46-T38 built in set at 38C°.

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To complement our All-in-One wash basin we supply a range of stainless steel accessories from Purus, such as stainless steel soap dispensers, mirrors, signage, basins and toilets ideal for airports, public toilets, medical and detention centers.

Purus signs 1 Purus soap dispenser 1