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Sustainable Schools Initiatives (AuSSI)

Elwa Hot Water Services designed for Education Facilities

Elwa has developed the new range of Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters with built-in temperature limiters that are even more energy efficient than the existing range of Hotruns that are specially designed electronic controllers manufactured in Australia upon request of the Education Departments.

Sustainable Schools Initiatives (AuSSI) is a great initiative set up by the Government of Australia. To support this, Elwa has developed an electric instantaneous water heater that delivers a substantial sustainable contribution by providing hot water in schools at the lowest possible energy costs.

The Hotrun-T range originally developed for Schools and other education buildings can be used in any personal hygiene application in any situation.

Some key benefits of the Hotrun water heaters:
• Energy and water efficient
• Easy and cost effective new installation or as a replacement for old inefficient storage heaters
• Suitable for all applications in education facilities
• Can save over 60% on energy consumption
• Reduces CO2 emissions
• Compact in size (about the size of a small shoe box)

Key points of the Hotrun-T range are:
• Temperature controlled/limited to 45°C according to AS 3498 and AS 3500 for personal hygiene applications
• Easy installation, no need for mechanical thermostatic mixing valves that need to be maintained annually

The Hotrun does not have a storage tank and has no need for temperature limiting valves, drip trays nor maintenance. There is no added risk of growing legionella bacteria as the Hotrun doesn’t hold water to a critical temperature.

Elwa Pty Ltd is working in a team with qualified auditors, and professional electricians and plumbers to help participating schools take action and make a proposal ready to save energy and water, promote biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help schools reduce running costs while giving students the opportunity to learn about sustainability in a tangible and realistic environment.

Elwa is able to offer an assessment for water heaters and lighting and free quotation on an energy and efficiency upgrade.

Once the assessment has been done and you receive the proposal all you need to do is to submit the grant application to the Education Department and help your school benefit from the energy savings in the future.

Please contact our office for more information or fill out the below documentation and return it to our office.