Elwa Hotrun

Our single-phase and two-phase electric continuous flow Hotrun water heaters are 255 x 190 x 95mm (approximate size A4 paper). Our 3-phase Hotrun water heaters are 459 x 260 x 128mm. They are compact in size, highly energy efficient and never run out of hot water.

It’s important to choose the right capacity hot water system to meet your needs, both now and in the future. When considering your options think about your hot water usage patterns like the number of people using hot water from different outlets at the same time, and whether you are likely to use more hot water at certain times of the day. The flow of hot water delivered by instantaneous water heaters depends on the condition where the water heater is installed, and the rated power (capacity).

Our high-quality and sleek-look water heaters are manufactured by the most reputable in the business. Each water heater is quality-tested to ensure your access to instant, constant flow hot water is never compromised.

Things to consider when buying a water heater for your kitchen:

  • Where exactly is the unit going to be installed?
  • What are the dimensions the water heater must have?
  • What connection points are available?
  • Do you want it to be remote or Wi-Fi controlled?

The cold water inlet temperature in all seasons (climate-zone) determines how hard the water heater needs to work to deliver the flow of water required at the right temperature. That is why we prefer to give you personalised advice on what model ELWA Hotrun is best for your application at your location.
Please contact us on +61 8 8377 6666 to discuss your options.

Download the full Hotrun range brochure –  ELWA Hotrun Brochure