5 Reasons LED Strip Lighting is in High Demand

LED strip lighting is surging in popularity at the moment, and for good reason! They are being used for kitchen improvements, staircase features, office fit outs, ceiling features and more. So why is there such an increase in the use of these LED lights?


To start with, strip lights are a very easy way of illuminating certain areas due to their malleable profile and that they often come with an adhesive back – so anyone can install them with ease. They can be applied to any shape, making them highly diverse in their applications.


Elwa Energysavers’ strip lights are highly durable, lasting at least 50,000 hours – that’s around 6 years of continuous use. After these 50,000 hours they will only diminish by approximately 70% of their original light output. This long lifetime means that their need for maintenance or replacement is kept very low.


One small addition of a simple strip light can make such a big difference to any room or area. They are a great tool at adding small features of lighting which can really uplift a room, or add warmth by using lower CCTs. As can be seen below, the addition of strip lighting creates an elevated look to the space they are applied. The luxurious vibe that comes from strip lighting has been a major factor for this surge in its popularity.

Feature lighting

Turn any area or feature into a show stopping space with just the simple addition of strip lighting. From the pictures below you can see how much of a difference the addition of strip lights makes when applied to a normally ordinary space. Adding strip lights under stairs make them look as if they’re floating, and this also provides another perk by providing a night light by softly illuminating the way up and down when it’s dark.

Pool areas are automatically made more deluxe when lit up by strip lighting. This one addition can make it look like your pool has come straight from a magazine.

Strip lighting in shelves not only illuminates the area to make it easier to find things, but also add that extra wow factor to such a simple space.

Super energy efficient

Finally, strip lights are also incredibly energy efficient due to their very low wattages. Strip lights are generally used in applications as added decorations, and so aren’t necessarily there to solely light the room. Due to this, the wattages are kept very low and thus they don’t use a lot of energy.

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