6 Lighting Tips to Make Any Space More Inviting

Designing or styling a space is very personal to individual style, tastes and use. However, we have come up with 6 lighting tips on how to ensure your space is perfectly balanced and looks like its come straight from Architectural Digest. You don’t need expensive pieces or an interior designer, just these tips and a vision for the space.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can be a hard piece to style as they can look very out of place if not tied into the space properly. They are great for filling spaces that look empty, such as corners of rooms.

The idea is to balance depth of the room, so with low couches or tables, opt for a higher lamp that will bring the depth into the area.

For a quiet corner, pair your lamp with a comfy chair and side table and it is the perfect relaxing space for a read of your favourite book.

Use throws and pillows to tie in the colours of the space and add warmth and voila! It looks like a stylists work.

Floor lamps making corner spots usable

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are generally simple oyster type lights that are often used in bedrooms and corridors.

Oyster-type ceiling lights are great for applications like this because they provide uniform light without being too bright or harsh. In other words, they direct light away from the eyes and provide a more inviting feeling.

A good tip is to use shapes that complement the room. A circular ceiling light will make a square room feel less boxy, creating comfort.

Ceiling oyster in hotel room


Chandeliers and large statement pieces can make or break a space. Balancing the tones, materials and depth of the space is key. These types of lights are best for larger spaces or voids, such as staircases or balcony’s that overlook the space.

Chandeliers are often used in hotel lobbies to not only fill the large space but also create interest when people walk in. Chandeliers are all about that ‘wow factor’, so opt for something eye-catching and memorable.

TIP: Work with our team at Elwa to custom design the piece that is perfect for you.

Chandeliers in large spaces or architectural voids

Statement Pendant Lights

Statement pendant lights are great for areas with high ceilings, or to pull a space together. This includes places like kitchens and staircases, where they are a focal point of the room. Use materials in your statement pendant that tie into floor rugs or bar stools in order to make it a cohesive space.

TIP: Think of a theme and stick to it. For example, if you are going for a coastal aesthetic, this theme will help you to stick to earthy, natural tones and materials. Whereas more of a luxurious, city vibe will keep you in line with metal and glass materials with polished, shiny finishes.

Pendants hanging over stairs or a kitchen bench

Pendant Downlights

Simplistic pendant downlights are a great way to tie in features of a space without creating clutter. They can be subtle and tasteful all while being extremely effective.

Think colour blocking - white surroundings go great with a statement black pendant downlight to tie in a black sink and chairs.

Just take a look at this feature image. The round shape of the downlights mirrors the round chairs, rounded kitchen bench and rounded splash-back. This is such a simple but effective light that really compliments the other features of the space and ties it in from top to bottom.

Simplistic downlights to tie in the black features of the kitchen

Garden Lights

Moving to the exterior of the house, one of the most effective ways to use light is to highlight certain features of the garden. Highlighting aspects such as water features, plants or landscaping brings the outdoors and indoors together as a cohesive space. It also gives the garden a much warmer and more inviting feeling.

TIP: Use warm lighting to make the outdoor space feel cosier. Throw in an outdoor setting and you will be living out here all year long.

Garden lighting making the exterior more inviting

But have fun with it!

The idea behind styling is to really stick to the basic principles and then have fun! Express your personality through statement pieces and the rest should follow.

Make sure to have a look through our Architectural Catalogue, which has over 300 pages of wall lights, table lights, floor lamps, pendant lights and more!

Talk to our customer service team and let us help you custom design the pieces you want to make your space unforgettable.

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