Case Study: Footscray Plaza CARE PARK

  • Over 70% Energy Reduction
  • Increased Lux Levels

The Footscray Plaza Care Park were looking for a significant reduction in their lighting costs.

Our team at Elwa Energysavers are experts in the area and were able to offer Care Park solutions to replace old and inefficient lighting. The LED lighting upgrade was the perfect choice to lower their running costs.

Car parks are considered a “constant use environment”, as most of them are operational 24/7, and any that have closing times still provide constant lighting for security purposes.

We provided a complete multi-level car park lighting solution, covering parking areas, transition zones, stairwells, and ramps. Installed according to Australian Standards (AS 1680) specifies 800 lux for the first 15 meters of a car park entrance during the day and 160 lux at night, followed by 160 lux for the next 4 meters at all times. This helped transition the lighting level upon entry and reduced the effects of blinding.