ELWA’s Commitment to the Aged Care Industry

Why is Adequate Aged Care So Important?

Australia’s population is ageing rapidly. From one in twenty-five people being over the age of 65 in 1911, to one in six in 2016, the undoubtedly ageing population is seeing pressure being put on the Government and our representatives to improve standards and living conditions in the aged care sector.

Despite much of the media coverage and pressure coming from a healthcare and ethical standpoint, it has extended to the facilities and quality of life enjoyed by nursing home residents. This has meant pressure has been put on aged care facilities themselves, as well as the Government, to invest money in the upgrades of aged care institutions. With an ageing population comes greater demand for care in such industries. Nursing homes are going to be fuller than ever in the coming years, and this is the reason for the push to upgrade and improve these facilities.

Many of the guidelines that have been specified in the upgrading of the industry as a whole have focused on the reduction of maintenance and costs, as well as the focus on installing energy efficient options. ELWA is committed to providing energy saving solutions, through the use of LED and other innovative technologies that reduce power consumption and costs.

Safety Standards in Aged Care

Given the age and ability of residents in these homes, safety is a top priority. This means having ample lighting on pathways, car parks and throughout the interior of the building is of utmost importance. ELWA’s wide range of streetlights, bollards, floodlights and spotlights means there will always be an option suitable for the area, that will provide long-lasting light all while cutting energy usage.

Health and Comfort of Residents

Furthermore, ambient lighting that is not harsh on eyes and does not trigger headaches is also a top priority. Lighting can affect mood, productivity and health in general. This highlights the importance of installing appropriate lighting that will ease the residents and won’t cause health issues.

Ease of Control with Smart Technology

Another very important consideration that has been highlighted in the upgrade guidelines is the need to have ease of control for residents. Regarding lighting, this means having remote control options or sensor lights in order to reduce the need to be mobile. Many elderly people are in wheel chairs or have low dexterity which reduces their ability to move around or control things easily. Furthermore, it is important that the residents have the option of dimmable lights and other options that make their personal space customisable to their needs, preferences and tasks. ELWA has a range of intelligent light fittings that can be controlled using WiFi and/or remote controls.

Temperature Limiting Requirements

More specifically related to water heaters, it was explicit that all water heating devices must be able to be temperature limited in order to prevent scalding. ELWA’s Hotrun water heaters all have patented technology of programmable temperature settings that prevent the risk of scalding.

Aged care facilities would find great value in choosing ELWA to help upgrade their facilities to be more energy efficient, safe, accessible and comfortable for the elderly residents. The energy savings are one thing, but the customisable nature of all ELWA products to suit clients is the point of difference that no one can ignore. ELWA’s commitment to facilitating the Aged Care industry is ongoing and it is clear that ELWA have the appropriate products to suit the needs of this market. To see our Aged Care projects we have completed, head to our Recent Projects page.

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