Our Fast Guide on Picking the Right CCT

As with any purchasing decision, there are always a number of alternatives that can make a simple purchase become confusing. When purchasing LED lighting, you will often be faced with the question of which CCT or lighting colour you are after. To any lay-person, this means nothing, and knowing what CCT means or which CCT you want is not expected.

So, here is a quick guide to help make your purchasing decision easier by taking out the guess work.

Firstly… what is a CCT?

CCT stands for ‘Correlated Colour Temperature’. There are ratings anywhere between 1000 and 10,000+, but you will mostly see CCTs ranging from 2700K to 6700K.

To put it simply; for a warmer coloured light go for a lower CCT, and for a cooler coloured light go for a higher CCT. Warm light casts more of an orange or yellow light, whereas cool light casts more of a blue tone. Daylight light is a true toned colour.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting casts more of a yellow or orange light. This generally gives a feeling of comfort or cosiness. Therefore, warm lighting is typically used in bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor entertainment areas, gardens, entries and hallways. Warm lighting is also sometimes used in clothing stores or restaurants in order to make these areas feel more inviting.

A warm lighting CCT will generally be around 2000-3000K.

Cool Lighting

Cool white lighting is generally around 4000K. This is a good middle ground as it isn’t too harsh, nor does it cast too much of a certain colour i.e. yellow or blue. The best applications for using cool white lighting are anywhere that you want to look clean or contemporary, such as kitchens or modern spaces. A great tip is to include a dimming option in areas within the home. This will allow you to decrease the brightness when it is not needed, or it feels too harsh.

Day Lighting

Daylighting is typically from 5000K upwards. Daylight lighting is much more of a ‘true light’. This lighting is best where true colours or details need to be seen, such as makeup studios, shops, hospitals and warehouses. This light colour can often feel very harsh, so it is best to avoid this colour in homes or retail shops.

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