Reduce Your Energy Bills this Coming Financial Year

The end of financial year is only a week away now, and energy bills are still some of the most costly household and business expenses. This financial year, invest in making your home, workplace or business a more energy efficient premises. That way next year you will be sure you aren't paying more than you should be.

Now is a more important time than ever to ensure you are using energy efficient systems. In particular, water heating which accounts for a quarter of energy usage, and lighting which is used almost constantly.

That's why Elwa are here to provide as much support in reducing power bills and energy consumption as possible. Assisting our customers to reduce their power consumption and therefore living costs is what we love to do.

1 Reducing energy usage through efficient hot water systems

Elwa designs and manufactures electric instantaneous water heaters that have been shown to reduce power consumption by up to 70%. The instant water flow to the outlet means that no power is being wasted heating large amounts of water that often doesn’t all get used. Due to the double cost associated with water heating (cost of water and cost of energy to heat), it is incredibly important to have an efficient unit that cuts costs at both ends.

Make sure to browse our water heater range here. Elwa have a model for every application, and our customer service staff are only a phone call away to help you pick the most suitable one for you.

2 Reducing energy usage through efficient lighting systems

LED lighting is by far the most energy efficient lighting method currently on the market. The energy consumption of LED is exponentially lower than regular lighting methods such as halogen or fluorescent. In addition to this, they have a much longer life span than other lighting methods, making the need for replacement or repair much less.

Elwa offers a vast range of lighting fixtures that can be customised with motion or light sensors. So not only are these lights inherently more energy efficient by being LED, these added sensors mean the lights are used only when there are people in the room or no daylight.

Energy efficiency has never been more accessible. Now is the perfect time to make these upgrades. Energy prices are only getting higher, and the importance of making a difference to our personal environmental impact is increasing daily.

If you are interested in upgrading your business to be more energy efficient, make sure to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff on (08) 8377 6666. You can also visit our contact page to send us an email.

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