Gimbal Downlights



  • Sleek and modern
  • Diverse in application
  • Changeable light direction


The ELWA Gimbal Downlights offer a great solution when a specified area is required to be illuminated. This is great for use in museums, hotels, apartments and shops in order to get the spotlighting effect without compromising the aesthetic of the area. For example, gimbal downlights are often used in hotels or apartments to light up room numbers or signs. Downlights are a modern and sleek solution to lighting, and the gimbal design gives them a more diversified use and lighting effect.

Technical Specifications

CL88-70-7W7505-55072-78Yes85 x 28mm
DL31-2.5-13W13950-112075-85Yes96 x 115 x 67mm
DL31-6-18W181300-155075-85Yes180 x 100mm
DL31-6-25W252100-250085-100Yes180 x 100mm
DL31-6-35W353150-355085-100Yes180 x 100mm
DL77-2.5-10W10700-80070-80Yes96 x 68mm
DL77-4-15W15180086Yes145 x 102mm
DL77-4-20W201840-210092-105Yes145 x 102mm
DL77-6-35W353150-355090-100Yes180 x 128.5mm
DL77-6-45W454600-5020100-110Yes180 x 128.5mm
DL211B-6-25W252250-255090-100Yes180 x 128mm
DL211B-6-33W332800-320090-100Yes180 x 128mm

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
CL88-70-7WDownload Datasheet
DL31-2.5-13WDownload Datasheet
DL31-6-18WDownload Datasheet
DL31-6-25WDownload Datasheet
DL31-6-35WDownload Datasheet
DL77-2.5-10WDownload Datasheet
DL77-4-15WDownload Datasheet
DL77-4-20WDownload Datasheet
DL77-6-35WDownload Datasheet
DL77-6-45WDownload Datasheet
DL211B-6-25WDownload Datasheet
DL211B-6-33WDownload Datasheet