ELWA LED Highbays


  • IP65 rated
  • Durable and reliable
  • Very high luminous flux
  • Long lifespan of >50,000hrs


High bays are particularly great for warehouses, sheds and other industrial areas that require durable, reliable light fixtures that light up large and open spaces. Elwa LED highbays can be fitted with motion and daylight sensors, as well as remote control options in order to further reduce unnecessary power consumption.

** Als u datasheets in het Nedelands nodig heeft, laat het ons weten en wij kunnen deze op verzoek verstrekken **

Technical Specifications

ModelWattageLumensIP RatingSupply InputDimmableLm/WCCTCRIDimensions
UL-H60W-E609,000IP65AC85-265VNo1502700-6500K>80260 x 164mm
UL-H80W-E8012,000IP65AC85-265VNo1502700-6500K>80260 x 164mm
UL-H100W-E10015,000IP65AC85-265VNo1502700-6500K>80260 x 164mm
UL-H150W-E15022,500IP65AC85-265VNo1502700-6500K>80305 x 171mm
UL-H200W-E20030,000IP65AC85-265VNo1502700-6500K>80343 x 178mm
UL-H80W-FS8012,400IP65AC85-265VYes1552700-6500K>80320 x 320 x 230mm
UL-H100W-FS10015,500IP65AC85-265VYes1552700-6500K>80320 x 320 x 230mm
UL-H120W-FS12018,600IP65AC85-265VYes1552700-6500K>80320 x 320 x 230mm
UL-H150W-FS15023,250IP65AC85-265VYes1552700-6500K>80370 x 340 x 230mm
AGC-HB1-120120>16,800IP65AC100-277VNo1403000-5000K>80383 x 192mm
AGC-HB1-150150>21,000IP65AC100-277VNo1403000-5000K>80383 x 192mm
AGC-HB1-200200>28,000IP65AC100-277VNo1403000-5000K>80383 x 211mm
AGC-HB1-300300>43,500IP65AC100-277VNo1453000-5000K>80440 x 225mm
AGC-HB17-450450>72,000IP65Ac100-277VNo1603000-5000K>80454 x 244mm
AGC-HB17-600600>96,000IP65AC100-277VNo1603000-5000K>80454 x 244mm