European Models


These units are compact and very durable – often lasting years beyond the estimated lifetime guarantee.

This range is specifically designed for simple, long lasting solutions such as hand wash basins, food preparation areas and shop fit-outs, public toilets and showers in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, factories and mining camps. The pre-set temperature is fixed in our factory and can be limited to 40 degrees, 45 degrees or 50 degrees celcius. The units feature a solid copper coil heat-exchanger and have been sold for 30 years globally.


  • Minimal water usage
  • Easy replacement of old storage water heaters, reducing energy consumption by at least 50%
  • Mount at point of use – eliminating water and heat loss caused by long pipe runs
  • No pilot flames. no flues and no drip trays required
  • Can be fitted almost anywhere due to compact size
  • Little-to-no need for maintenance

Technical Specifications

ModelkW RatingCurrent (Amp)FlowratePower Supply
Hotrun 353.5161.9 L/minSingle Phase
Hotrun 464.6202.6 L/minSingle Phase
Hotrun 606.0253.6 L/minSingle Phase
Hotrun 727.232 / 2 x 164.0 L/minSingle & 2-Phase
Hotrun 909.040 / 2 x 205.1 L/minSingle & 2-Phase

Data Sheets

Model Data Sheets
Hotrun 35Download Datasheet
Hotrun 46Download Datasheet
Hotrun 60Download Datasheet
Hotrun 72Download Datasheet
Hotrun 90Download Datasheet