Surface Mounted



  • Modern design
  • Easy installation
  • Surface mount or hanging
  • Dimmable options available


The ELWA Pendant light range includes hanging or surface mounted options. These lights are perfect for application in offices, homes, shops, schools, restaurants and hotels. The designs within the range are very diverse, with round, square and rectangular options as well as black and white options. Our range is customisable, so if you have a specific light in mind, get in touch and we will do our best to find something to suit.


  • DL38 – round surface mount downlight
  • DL52 – round surface mount downlight
  • DL129 – square bulky surface mount downlight
  • DL176/DL115 – surface mount cylinder
  • PD02 – surface mount or hanging cylinder
  • PD05 – suspended round pendant

Technical Specifications

ModelWattageLumensIP RatingDimmableLm/WDimensions
DL115A-4-13W131240-1460IP54Yes95-115143 x 112mm
DL115-6-18W181890IP54Yes105170 x 124mm
DL115-8-25W251890IP54Yes75213 x 129mm
DL38-10W10620-780IP54Yes62-7890 x 100mm
DL38-15W151030-1300IP54Yes62-7890 x 100mm
DL38-25W252400-2850IP54Yes62-78120 x 110mm
DL38-35W353100-3430IP54Yes90-10090 x 100mm
DL52-8W8672-744IP54Yes84-93100 x 60mm
DL52-12W12996-1140IP54Yes84-95150 x 68mm
DL52-15W151200-1380IP54Yes80-92150 x 68mm
DL52-18W181584-1782IP54Yes90-100170 x 68mm
DL129-90-6W690-105IP20Yes90-10590 x 90 x 110mm
DL129-90-10W10850-1030IP20Yes90-10590 x 90 x 110mm
DL129-115-20W202000-2350IP20Yes90-105115 x 115 x 122mm
DL176-15W151300-1750IP54Yes85-115100.4 x 133.8mm
DL176-25W252180-2800IP54Yes85-115120.4 x 143.8mm
DL176-35W353040 - 3900IP54Yes85-115170 x 159mm
PD02A-10W10850-900IP20Yes85-9080 x 130mm
PD02A-18W181400-1660IP20Yes78-9280 x 160mm
PD02A-25W251970-2190IP20Yes79-88112.5 x 160mm
PD02B-10W10850-900IP20Yes85-9080 x 130mm
PD02B-18W181400-1660IP20Yes78-9280 x 160mm
PD02B-25W251970-2190IP20Yes79-88112.5 x 160mm
PD05-4-13W131460IP20Yes95-115143 x 110mm
PD05-6-18W181890IP20Yes95-115170 x 123mm
PD05-8-25W252930IP20Yes120213 x 127mm

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
DL115A-4-13WDownload Datasheet
DL115-6-18WDownload Datasheet
DL115-8-25WDownload Datasheet
DL38-10WDownload Datasheet
DL38-15WDownload Datasheet
DL38-25WDownload Datasheet
DL38-35WDownload Datasheet
DL52-8WDownload Datasheet
DL52-12WDownload Datasheet
DL52-15WDownload Datasheet
DL52-18WDownload Datasheet
DL129-90-6WDownload Datasheet
DL129-90-10WDownload Datasheet
DL129-90-20WDownload Datasheet
DL176-15WDownload Datasheet
DL176-25WDownload Datasheet
DL176-35WDownload Datasheet
PD02A-10WDownload Datasheet
PD02A-18WDownload Datasheet
PD02A-25WDownload Datasheet
PD02B-10WDownload Datasheet
PD02B-18WDownload Datasheet
PD02B-25WDownload Datasheet
PD05-4-13WDownload Datasheet
PD05-6-18WDownload Datasheet
PD05-8-25WDownload Datasheet