Canopy Lights

AOK iC series CANOPY


  • Super slim design
  • Recessed or surface mounted installation
  • >50,000hrs lifespan
  • Replaces up to 480W of a traditional luminaire


These LED canopy lights are designed to be reliable, durable and the perfect solution for applications such as petrol stations. The long life span of these lights ensures that maintenance and replacement is kept to a minimum. Installation is made easier by the ability to have these lights recessed or surface mounted – therefore upgrades from the old light fittings require less work.


  • 75-150 Watts
  • Bronze, Black, White or Silver housing
  • Dimmable options

Technical Specifications

ModelWattageLumensIP RatingSupply InputDimmableLm/WCCTCRIDimensions
AOK-75WiC759,750IP66AC90-305V or AC277-480VYes1303000-6500K>78420 x 420 x 100mm
AOK-110WiC11014,300IP66AC90-305V or AC277-480VYes1303000-6500K>78420 x 420 x 100mm
AOK-150WiC15019,500IP66AC90-305V or AC277-480VYes1303000-6500K>78420 x 420 x 100mm
ERS-C60W-A6084,001IP65AC220-240VYes1402700-6500K>80420 x 420 x 67mm
ERS-C75W-A7510,501IP65AC220-240VYes1402700-6500K>80420 x 420 x 67mm
ERS-C100W-A10014,501IP65AC220-240VYes1402700-6500K>80420 x 420 x 67mm
ERS-C120W-A12016,801IP65AC220-240VYes1402700-6500K>80420 x 420 x 67mm
ERS-C150W-A15021,001IP65AC220-240VYes1402700-6500K>80420 x 420 x 67mm

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
AOK-75WiCDownload Datasheet
AOK-110WiCDownload Datasheet
AOK-150WiCDownload Datasheet
ERS Canopy LED Light A RangeDownload Datasheet