2-Troffer-TM series-front


Elwa troffer lights provide a great solution for offices, schools and supermarkets. They are a great solution for replacing inefficient fluorescent T8 ot T5 tubes that are often found in these areas. By replacing them with LED tubes, the energy and cost savings are imminent. Additionally, they are easy to install with the incorporation of the plug and cord design.


  • Easy installation with plug and cord
  • Energy efficient LED tubes
  • Variable shapes and sizes

** Als u datasheets in het Nedelands nodig heeft, laat het ons weten en wij kunnen deze op verzoek verstrekken **

Technical Specifications

ModelWattageSupply InputInstallationDimensions
BDL-T1218M2 x 18WAC90-265VRecessed295 x 1195 x 75mm
BDL-T1230M2 x 12WAC240VRecessed295 x 1195 x 57mm
BDL-T1260M3 x 12WAC240VRecessed595 x 1195 x 57mm
BDL-T6060M3 x 7WAC240VRecessed595 x 595 x 57mm