Ultrathin Downlights



  • Suitable for even the most narrow ceiling spaces
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Easy installation


Elwa’s range of ultra-thin downlights features a range of different options; including high lumen, adjustable angle, IP65 / weatherproof light fittings and more. The ultra-thin design makes them a great option for all ceiling installation types, particularly narrow areas.


CL59, DL54, DL94 & CL22 – PMMA diffuser
CL30 & CL88 – adjustable angle
DL110 – IP65 / weatherproof
DL105 – square shape


Technical Specifications

ModelWattageLumensLm/WIP RatingDimensions
CL59-2.5-10W10W680-72068-72IP2085 x 39.5mm
CL59-2-7W7W430-48060-70IP2080 x 39mm
CL59-3.5-13W13W990-115075-90IP20120 x 39mm
CL59-3-13W13W930-109570-85IP20110 x 38mm
CL59-4-13W13W940-120075-90IP20145 x 45mm
CL59-4-18W18W1610-180090-100IP20145 x 45mm
DL94-3-7W7W490-58070-80IP40110 x 30mm
DL54-6-16W16W1400-155088-97IP20190 x 74mm
CL22-2.5-7W7W48070IP2085 x 31mm
CL22-2.5-10W10W74070IP2085 x 31mm
CL22-3-10W10W90090IP20104 x 31mm
CL22-3-13W13W107583IP20104 x 31mm
CL30-13W13W90070IP20110 x 41.5mm
CL88-70-7W7W55080IP2085 x 28mm
CL88-90-10W10W80080IP20104 x 30mm
DL105-3-10W10W980-105098-105IP54110 x 110 x 39mm
DL110-3-13W13W1190-130090-100IP65115 x 55.5mm
DL110-4-18W18W1560-183090-100IP65115 x 67mm
DL110-6-25W25W2170-255090-100IP65195 x 46.5mm
DL110-8-35W35W3040-357090-100IP65235 x 54.5mm

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
CL59-2.5-10WDownload Datasheet
CL59-2-7WDownload Datasheet
CL59-3.5-13WDownload Datasheet
CL59-3-13WDownload Datasheet
CL59-4-13WDownload Datasheet
CL59-4-18WDownload Datasheet
DL94-3-7WDownload Datasheet
DL54-6-16WDownload Datasheet
CL22-2.5-7WDownload Datasheet
CL22-2.5-10WDownload Datasheet
CL22-3-10WDownload Datasheet
CL22-3-13WDownload Datasheet
CL30-13WDownload Datasheet
CL88-70-7WDownload Datasheet
CL88-90-10WDownload Datasheet
DL105-3-10WDownload Datasheet
DL110-3-13WDownload Datasheet
DL110-4-18WDownload Datasheet
DL110-6-25WDownload Datasheet
DL110-8-35WDownload Datasheet