Services Elwa Provides for the Education Sector

Education Facilities Standards and the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)

Elwa Energysavers has long been serving the education sector here in Australia. With over 200+ schools and education facilities being upgraded with Elwa products we remain confident that we provide the best possible upgrades with LED lighting or water heaters, every time.

Elwa is a preferred supplier of LED lighting by the SA Government, putting as at the forefront of the industry suppliers. So, why has Elwa been named a preferred supplier?

Elwa products not only adhere to AS/NZS and Industry standards, but surpass benchmark approvals. By providing convenience, ease of use, advanced technology and impeccable customer service, Elwa has proven to be a top partner.

The DECD is a Government body that has outlined standards across Australia for architectural and building designs. This includes lighting and amenities standards.

Water Heating Specifications

The DECD have set out design standards for schools and education facilities that list the requirements for safety of amenities within these premises.  One of these requirements is that education facilities must have temperature limiters installed for hot water amenities. This ensures that the maximum hot water temperature is 45 degrees Celsius (as per AS 4032.2). Elwa can install temperature limiters set at 38, 43, 45 or 50 degrees on all of our European models. While our new Hotrun X Range has a digital display that allows you to set the maximum temperature with ease. As per the AS 3500.4 plumbing standards, all Elwa units are fitted with a TMV. This is set out in the DECD design standards that general areas must have these TMVs fitted in order to prevent severe scalding.

In accordance with the AS 3500.4 plumbing and drainage specifications, electric continuous flow hot water services may be specified for education facilities and are suggested as an “energy efficient option where long pipe runs are required”.  For anyone that knows Elwa products well, knows that we produce electric, continuous flow water heaters that are highly energy efficient due to their design that ensures they are only heating water when it is needed – saving energy, water and money!

Lighting Specifications

In terms of lighting, the DECD mentions daylight and motion sensor features as part of energy efficient lighting options. Not only do these sensors allow for ease of use, they also make for huge energy savings. When the lights aren’t needed (i.e. during the day) or no one is around, the lights turn off automatically. Elwa provides daylight and motion sensors as an option for a variety of our LED product range. Just make sure you ask one of our friendly customer service professionals.

In the DECD design standards, it states that “LED lighting shall be specified for all internal areas unless otherwise specified.”  As Elwa Energysavers specialise in the design, supply and install of LED lighting – we are well equipped to take on projects that require LED lighting upgrades.

It is no surprise that the design standards specifically mention LED lighting and electric, instantaneous water heaters in their specifications. These are safe, cost and energy saving options that Elwa has stood by for 30+ years. Elwa continues to do so as the market continues to see the great benefits these solutions provide.

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