Your Top 5 Most Asked Water Heater Questions

At ELWA, we are always getting questions regarding the suitability and specifications of our water heaters to specific jobs and applications. We are always happy to help over the phone or email, but thought it best to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here.

1. Are Elwa Hotrun water heaters suitable for hair salons, and why?

Yes, Elwa Hotrun water heaters are perfect for use in hair salons for a number of reasons. Firstly, the compact size of our water heaters mean they can be placed virtually anywhere, like under the sink or on the wall. This makes it very easy to have effective hot water supply to each hairdressing basin. This relates to our second point, the elimination of long pipe runs. When the water heater is placed closest to the point of use, i.e. under the sink, there is no need for long pipe runs for cold water to get trapped in. When this happens you have to wait before the hot water reaches the tap. The hot water is instant with these units.

ELWA’s patented temperature limiting technology means that we can pre-set any of our units to a temperature between 35°C and 60°C. The water will never surpass this pre-set temperature, which means there is no risk of scalding customers.

2. What energy savings can I expect from Elwa water heaters?

Energy savings have been shown to reach up to 65% in a range of domestic and commercial applications. Energy savings are dependent on usual consumption as well as the type of unit that is being compared to. For example, switching from an old storage tank water heater that uses much of its energy heating large amounts of water will ensue very high energy savings when you switch to an ELWA water heater.

Furthermore, in commercial buildings that cater to many people and high usage each day, the energy savings are multiplied when switching to energy efficient appliances.

Go to our testimonials page to find out more about the energy savings from Elwa products.

3. How do I know that Elwa Hotrun water heaters are sanitary and won’t cause bacteria build up in the unit?

ELWA have a patented Legionella Cleaning Cycle technology. This ensures there is absolutely no risk of growing legionella bacteria within the unit or the pipes. Legionella bacteria is the type of bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease, and it grows in stagnant water.

The cleaning cycle works by heating the water to a temperature above 66°C. At this temperature the bacteria cannot survive and by doing this it is killed off of any surfaces or bodies of water.

The Legionella Cleaning Cycle is integrated into all of our water heater models.

4. Are the Hotrun units plug-in or hardwired?

All Elwa Hotrun water heaters are designed to be hardwired because of the power that they transfer. Please ensure only a licensed electrician or plumber installs the unit to avoid any issues, and to ensure warranty still applies.

5. Why/how are the Hotrun units so energy efficient?

Upon demand, the incoming cold water is immediately heated in the solid metal heat exchanger. Power to the elements is provided as soon as water flows through the water heater. Therefore, energy is only consumed when water is flowing through the Hotrun, providing unlimited hot water and high energy savings. Furthermore, energy savings are increased by the elimination of long pipe runs as a result of the compact design.                                                                 

Please do not hesitate to contact our office and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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