Panel light


Panels have traditionally been used in schools to provide uniform, diffused light. In recent years, lighting in these areas has been linked levels of productivity. That’s why we make sure we have the best and most suitable solutions for  lighting in these areas that won’t cause drowsiness, headaches or eye strain. That’s why Elwa only supplies low glare panels. LED lighting upgrades not only mean energy and cost savings, but new and improved spaces that encourage and enhance better results. The slim design of Elwa panel lights gives great light output without compromising a modern and clean look.


  • Colour changeable (with switch)
  • Even light distribution
  • Variable wattage
  • Perfect for schools, offices and work-spaces


  • Rectangular or square shape
  • Specially Elwa designed school panels that are easy to install (EL-PA0313)

Technical Specifications

ModelWattageLumensLm/WIP RatingSupply InputDimmableCCTCRIDimensionsShape
EL-PA0303-12121440120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80295 x 295 x 9mmSquare
EL-PA0306-18182160120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80295 x 595 x 9mmRectangle
EL-PA0312-30303600120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80295 x 1195 x 9mmRectangle
EL-PA0312-36364320120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80295 x 1195 x 9mmRectangle
EL-PA0312-40405760120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80295 x 1195 x 9mmRectangle
EL-PA0606-30303600120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80595 x 595 x 9mmSquare
EL-PA0606-36364320120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80595 x 595 x 9mmSquare
EL-PA0606-40404800120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80595 x 595 x 9mmSquare
EL-PA0612-50506000120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80595 x 1195 x 12mmRectangle
EL-PA0612-60607200120IP20AC100-240VYes3000K-6000K>80595 x 1195 x 12mmRectangle
EL-PA1230-40W404800120IP20AC200-240VYes4000K-6000K>80300 x 1200 x 50mmRectangle
EL-PA0313-40W404800120IP20AC200-240VYes4000K-6000K>90300 x 1300 x 50mmRectangle

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
EL-PA0303-12Download Datasheet
EL-PA0306-18Download Datasheet
EL-PA0312-30Download Datasheet
EL-PA0312-36Download Datasheet
EL-PA0312-40Download Datasheet
EL-PA0313-40WDownload Datasheet
EL-PA0606-30Download Datasheet
EL-PA0606-36Download Datasheet
EL-PA0606-40Download Datasheet
EL-PA0612-50Download Datasheet
EL-PA0612-60Download Datasheet
EL-PA1230-40WDownload Datasheet