120W Street Light


  • Solar options available
  • Low glare
  • Heavy-duty, durable and reliable
  • Sleek and modern design


Elwa has a number of streetlights options available featuring multiple mounting options, uniform light output, durable materials and innovative solar technology available, Elwa is committed to providing high quality and effective street lighting.  The sleek design of our streetlights mean they can seamlessly blend into exterior environments without risking visual appeal.

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
AOK-40W iLDownload Datasheet
AOK-80W iLDownload Datasheet
AOK-120W iLDownload Datasheet
AOK-160W iLDownload Datasheet
AOK-200W iLDownload Datasheet
AOK-240W iLDownload Datasheet
AOK-280W iLDownload Datasheet
Elwa Post-top StreetlightDownload Datasheet
115WoT Parking Lot LightDownload Datasheet
EL-SSG-15WDownload Datasheet