2-Troffer-TM series-front


Elwa LED Troffer lights provide a great solution to replace existing troffers that contain inefficient T8 or T5 fluorescent tubes. The Elwa Troffer is a particularly cost effective and energy efficient option while maintaining high lumen/low wattage and low maintenance requirements. The Elwa Troffer is ideally suited to offices, schools and supermarkets and other applications where lighting is essential to work or retail spaces.


  • Easy installation with plug and cord
  • Energy efficient LED tubes
  • Variable shapes and sizes

Technical Specifications

ModelWattageSupply InputInstallationDimensions
BDL-T1230M2 x 12WAC240VRecessed295 x 1195 x 57mm
BDL-T1260M3 x 12WAC240VRecessed595 x 1195 x 57mm
BDL-T6060M3 x 7WAC240VRecessed595 x 595 x 57mm

Data Sheets

ModelData Sheets
BDL-T1230MDownload Datasheet
BDL-T1260MDownload Datasheet
BDL-T6060MDownload Datasheet